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Rejuvenate Your Floors!
Instantly restores shine and luster all types of floors in one easy application. Just pour and mop. Dries to a clear and luxurious finish in less than 45 minutes.

Rejuvenate is the only product that will restore, seal and protect any type of hard flooring like hardwood, ceramic tile, vinyl, linoleum, laminate and marble. You can make them all look just like new! Plus it also seals grout!
Free trial Rejuvenate Free trial Rejuvenate

Restores, Shines & Protects
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Rejuvenate Floor Restorer
  • The #1 selling floor care product at the Home Depot®
  • Adds a new layer of acrylic polymer
  • Great for hardwood, vinyl, tile & marble
  • Rejuvenate Furniture does the same for cabinets
  • Over 6 million bottles have been sold
  • Fills in scratches, bringing back unsurpassed shine
  • Rejuvenate Floor Restorer (Just Pay $4.99 S&H)
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Rejuvenate is a new revolutionary polymer based cabinet and furniture finish that will instantly bring back life to almost any sealed wood, Formica, or other surfaces to make it showroom new.

As seen on TV and your local Home Depot® stores! See our other Rejuvenate products from For Life Products.
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Rejuvenate is the only product that will restore, seal, and protect any type of flooring just like brand new including: hardwood, ceramic tile, vinyl, linoleum, laminate, and marble- it also seals grout and adds up to 50% more traction to your floors.

This free sample of Rejuvenate will transform 40 sq ft. and is free, all you have to do is help by paying a minor processing and shipping fee of $4.99 and we will send you $5.00 coupon to be used at your favorite retailer—with over 6 million satisfied customers, you will love the results and with the coupon, it’s like getting the sample and shipping completely FREE!

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Customer Service Information

Rejuvenate is committed to providing the best products and friendliest customer service. If you should have any questions about how to order rejuvenate or a question about any of our great products, please feel free to contact us via the information provided below.

Customer Service:

Phone: 1-888-447-2181

Rejuvenate Floor Cleaners
Try our floor cleaners for furniture and hardwood floors!

Instantly restores shine and luster all types of floors in one easy application. Also bring back the beauty of your cabinets and furniture!